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Coating surface

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To offer best solutions for coating works on concrete and metal surface by using properly professional materials within your budget limit. Materials would be suitably applied by well trained and skill workers

Different kinds of coating materials used: Epoxy polyurethane, Vinyl ester, P.U screte, Acrylic

Advanced applications techniques: coating, spray broad casting, self leveling, lining

Professional equipment: shot blasting machines, heavy duty grinding machine, scarified, scrubbing, polishing/ burnishing machines, and industrial vacuum. These machines should be used properly right to assure job quality and time schedule

Quality of works should be checked on each step by using specific testers , gages e.g. relatives humidity, temperature, dew point temperate, oxygen tester, Moistures tester surface resistance tester, water vapor emission kit, compressive tester, pull-off tester…

These aiding machines and tools help us to check conditions before applying materials on surface and to check spec of each step/ layer of materials and to measure or value quality of finished works. Without these testing and measuring, nobody can claim the job quality

Major project: Canon 04project, Canon 05 project, Canon 06, Canon 07, Canon 13, Konishi Byotech Viet Nam project , Royal City project, Microsoft factory project, Yazaki factory project, Yamaha motor factory project…..
Suppliers: Sika, Jotun, Cemkrete, Asia paint, Chokwang , KCC,